Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Nassau, The Bahamas

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Nassau, The Bahamas

Living in Nassau, The Bahamas, is truly a dream come true. Amazing weather, fantastic vistas, ocean views, pristine beaches, exciting water sports, plus an enticingly tax free environment, make moving to this glorious locale a delight. Residents enjoy the slower-paced island lifestyle, which is a big change from what most European and North American countries experience.

There are numerous ex-pats in Nassau, The Bahamas, so you will not be alone in this engaging and vibrant community of foreign residents. Below we will explore things to consider about moving to Nassau, The Bahamas.

Ex-pats enjoy tax-free living

One of the major reasons expats move to Nassau, The Bahamas, is to take advantage of the tax-free status. There are no estate, personal income, capital transfer, or capital gains taxes. This benefit and the paradise-like weather make it easy to see why people move to Nassau, The Bahamas. You may be wondering how the government makes its money if it needs to implement a traditional tax system.

The value-added tax of 10% came into effect in 2015. Taxes are high on imported goods. There are also taxes due on mortgage transactions, property, and real estate taxes. However, with the other tax savings in place – primarily no capital gains taxes and no income taxes – the cost of living remains very attractive to residents.

The government is accepting ex-pats

The government is friendly to those who choose to move here. As long as you have considerable financial means, are of good character, and not looking for employment in Nassau, The Bahamas, you are welcome to stay and establish residency. If you choose to live in Nassau, The Bahamas, for an extended period, you can become a citizen after seven or more years of living in this island paradise.

Residents enjoy a slower pace of life

While everyday living in the Bahamas may seem like a vacation, day-to-day living differs from a vacation day. This distinction is true in any vacation destination. The overall pace of life is much slower in Nassau, The Bahamas. The more unhurried pace is both a wonderful advantage and a frustrating issue for some looking for homes for sale in Nassau, The Bahamas.

It is a wonderful benefit for your health as the stress of everyday life in the United States is much different than that of daily life in Nassau. An excellent climate allows you to enjoy many outdoor recreational activities every day of the year. Staying active and engaged while living in this exceptional area is easy.

On the flip side, it can be hard sometimes to get things done in Nassau. The slower pace of life can translate to no sense of urgency. Nothing happens quickly, and going with the flow is life here. The relaxed vibe may take some time to get used to, but soon enough, you will adapt and learn to appreciate this approach to life.

The friendly atmosphere makes it easy to meet new friends

Nassau, The Bahamas, is a friendly and welcoming community. Residents are quick to smile and greet strangers. The charming and accepting atmosphere is contagious, and soon, you will find yourself making friends with other ex-pats who have transitioned to the island lifestyle. The natural geography lends itself to small, close-knit groups that mimic a small-town feel. Ex-pats have established numerous groups to join, and finding others with similar interests is easy.

Excellent educational opportunities

Families with younger children who choose to move here will enjoy excellent private schooling options.

Outstanding healthcare options

Residents willing to pay for their healthcare will find much-improved health standards throughout the area. New facilities and hospitals provide high-quality care, with a significant investment in hiring and retaining qualified nurses, doctors, dentists, and eye care professionals.

Fantastic dining options throughout the area

A good meal is always easy to find in Nassau, The Bahamas. Seafood, American cuisine, Asian and fusion cuisine, and traditional European fare are just some of the many options. For waterfront dining, head to Sapodilla Estate for an amazing array of seafood and Caribbean fare in a delightful atmosphere. It features live music and a wonderful bar.

For seafood with a local twist, check out Dune. The waterfront views alone are worth a trip, while the exceptional service and well-executed menu will keep you returning time and again. When your taste buds are in the mood for sushi, you will be pleased with Katsuya Baha Mar. The luxe and modern setting is an excellent backdrop for upscale sushi and inventive craft cocktails.

Plenty of outdoor recreational activities

With over 100,000 miles of crystal clear blue water, Nassau, The Bahamas, consists of 700 cays, islands, and rocks. Amazing natural wonders such as remarkable rock formations, coral reefs, an assortment of fauna and flora, underground caves, and more make up the landscape in this island paradise. You also have access to water sports and recreation such as snorkeling, swimming, fishing, diving, boating, and enjoying the delightful beaches.

Explore local parks and natural habitats

Living in Nassau opens up a whole new world of natural habitats and local parks. Be sure to head to the Queen's Staircase and climb the 66 steps, named in honor of Queen Victoria. This landmark makes its home in the Fort Fincastle Historic Complex and is cleaved from limestone. It allowed a connection between Fort Fincastle and Nassau City.

For a historical adventure, head to Clifton Heritage National Park and see the ruins of the Lucayan plantations and villages. Private beaches and picnic areas provide numerous opportunities to connect with nature and revel in the stunning natural landscape.

Ready to make paradise living a reality?

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